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The Quest

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October 12th, 2005

05:32 pm - PLOT: Cthol Mishrak
They approach the City of Night. Gwen looks nervous, but all nerves are gone as a massive figure walks out from underneath the city. His darkness blots out even the darkness of the sky and his sword is pure night.

He has been waiting.

He has been ready.

"Draw your sword, o Child of Light, and meet your death upon the blade of the High King of This and All Worlds."

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05:31 pm - Traveling: Northern Wastelands (Morindim Battle)
[ooc: traveling post...and eventually a battle I'll post up later]

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October 10th, 2005

06:23 pm - that dream thing again -
Michael dreams...

when he wakes up:

"Oh fuck - more cryptic dreams," is muttered and he slaps the trunk of a tree. He's getting a little tired of the dreams that probably mean a whole lot, but tell him very little.

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October 8th, 2005

04:50 pm - Swimming!
They'd set up camp near a large creek the night before and Richard had woken up early and taken a walk along it. He'd found a deep pool, shifted forms, and run back to fetch Adam for a morning swim.

Both boys are splashing around happily by now.

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October 5th, 2005

10:30 am - PLOT: Dancing in Gar Og Nadrak
The surly crowd at the inn they'd stopped at kept staring at them.

At Gwen. At Faith.

The two girls, for their part, continued to ignore the glances, but they could not ignore the grumblings. Being a cold night, being that the ale was flowing freely and that they were the only two females, the Nadraks in the inn were hungry for some entertainment.

They looked to Richard, who held the leash from Gwen's collar, then to Nick, who held Faith's.

Finally, one stood and walked over to Richard. His breath was rancid, as were the badly-tanned hides that made his coat and clothes. HE was large, though a great deal of it was fat, but it looked as if he was used to winning fights: just enough scars to show he liked them but not enough to show that he lost a great deal.

"How much for the blonde one?"

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10:30 am - Traveling: Great North Road
[ooc: standard traveling post]

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10:28 am - PLOT: Boktor
It was as they were walking towards the inn Gwen had chosen that the old storyteller pulled her aside, eyes going wide as he took in her features. The harsh, angry cast of his face softened immediately as he looked at her and he pulled away, startled.


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10:28 am - Traveling: From the Aldurfens to Boktor
[ooc: please feel free to post here]

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10:25 am - PLOT: Aldurfens
Gwen had heard the stories, even in Cthol Murgos, of Vordai the Witch of the Fens. Gwen was not expecting trouble, however, as she'd never given any cause to Vordai to cause any. That being said, as they reached the middle of the Fens, they were at once surrounded...by ground. Somehow, the swamps had been moved from their tracks to suddenly create a large pond...with no exit. A fenling, the little furry otter-like creatures who inhabited the fen, chittered at the edge of the boats for them to follow. Gwen, seeing no other way than blasting their way out, followed...which brought them to a cottage.

The home of Vordai herself.

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October 4th, 2005

01:00 am - Anniversary
He's been counting the days. It's always kind of difficult to remember when you've been alive so long.

But there's a table set up anyway - which is really just one of the blankets set over four stones set in a rectangle. Goblets, a bottle of wine that had been hidden away where even Nick wouldn't want to look (David's dirty laundry bag, in a plastic bag) and a candle.

David had been dead for their last anniversary.

And now, he's just waiting.

[OOC: Post is not locked to Nick. All and sundry are welcome to come and talk!]
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